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last weekend in newport/nye beach was amazing. the oregon coast is almost rainy and cool, even if it is warm or even hot in portland. having grown up here i never expect it to be nice at the beach. i never pack shorts or a swim suit. that’s for california or florida, not oregon. well, […]

here is one of our all time favorite meals: as you can see from my splattered cookbook, it has been made a lot. we used to have this every other week, sometimes every week, but we have since stopped eating as much red meat. why must the doctor be such a killjoy? at least now […]

beachy fun!


we’re off to the beach for the weekend. this photo is from our last trip to newport, when we’d only been dating for 6 months… have a great weekend!

tea time


if you read my post about my ridiculous schedule you may have noticed that i have allotted two separate spaces to drinking tea. that’s how much i love it. not only do i love tea, but i really only love one kind: jasmine. there’s just something about the flavor combined with the amount of caffeine […]



i know this may sound kind of crazy, but sometimes i have a hard time figuring out what to do with my time. i don’t have a job, so i don’t have a very structured day. if i’m not diligent about being active with my time the whole day can disappear so easily. i’m not […]

we have just made reservations for the beach this weekend. we’ll drive there friday afternoon and come back on sunday. so delightful! the only downside is that i’ll miss the farmers’ market on saturday morning… i got these daffodils there last saturday. i believe they’re called double white lion. isn’t that wonderful? they are holding […]

carrot soup


a few weeks ago vincent and i had lunch at the bridgeport brewery. we love it. their beer is really good. they are oregon’s oldest craft brewery. their blue heron pale ale is my favorite. their food is also really great. so great in fact that we considered having our rehearsal dinner there, but decided […]