my kitchen cure


for the past few weeks i have been participating in ‘the cure’ via the kitchn. i haven’t been the best about updating their flickr page each week, so i’m going to post the photos here instead.

so the first thing we had to do was take photos of our kitchens, mess and all, and then sort and clean. here are some before and after photos of my kitchen:





i didn’t include the stove because it looks exactly the same, sadly… i must say that i had been wanting to put my flours and sugars into canisters forever, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. this cure has been just what i have needed to get organized!

anyway, so after sorting through my refrigerator and cabinets it was time for us to start cooking. the next assignment was to make a meal out of what we had on had in, with the addition of something we got at the farmer’s market. our market here opened up a week and a half ago and i was there bright and early, in the rain, to partake of what they were selling.

here’s the meal i made:

risotto with rainbow chard

here i am cheffing away…

and the lovely finished product!

our assignment for this week is to roast a chicken for dinner one night and then make soup out of it the next night. i’ll be roasting the chicken tonight! i should be posting photos of it in the next day or so…

on another topic, happy spring! while it has been rainy and not super warm today, it was gorgeous last weekend.

it was so nice to have these beautiful branches in our apartment for a week or so.


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