chicken stock


yesterday i discovered a new way to make chicken stock: the crock pot!

but wait, i have jumped the gun here (where does that saying come from?). yesterday afternoon i decided to make stock out of the roast chicken leftovers from the previous evening.

i got the veggies prepped: (leeks, onion, carrots, bay leaves, peppercorns, really whatever i had lying around)

then i stuck the chicken in the pot, covered it all with water and put it on the burner. then i looked at my watch and started to worry. you see, i was going to meet up with my friend rebecca in a couple of hours. we had this lovely afternoon/evening planned that consisted of making a tiny pilgrimage to the woodburn outlet mall to check out the banana republic outlet. then we were going to get some dinner and drinks. that’s my kind of outing… but anyway, my stock was bubbling on the stove and i realized that i didn’t really have enough time to let it do it’s thing before i had to leave. and of course i also had to factor in that once i took the stock off the burner i had to let it cool for at least 30 minutes, probably more like an hour, before i could put in the fridge. otherwise the hot stock would overpower the cool environment of the fridge and make the temperature rise, thus causing everything in there to spoil, including the newly made stock. this is a lesson i learned from experience a few months ago with a batch of oven braised ribs. not only did we have to almost completely restock our refrigerator, but vincent got some food poisoning from eating the ribs.

so there i was, wondering what i was going to do when i thought of the crock pot. my crock pot has a wonderful warming function that takes over once the set cooking time is up. it keeps your food at a safe temperature until you are ready to do something with it. i’m sure at some point it isn’t safe anymore, but a few hours on warm has always treated me fine in the past. so i transferred the stock to the crock pot and set it on low.

when i returned home six hours later it was still bubbling away. i turned it off and took off the lid. after an hour or so i strained it into some tupperware and tucked it into the fridge. this morning i pulled it out and skimmed the hardened fat off the top. so easy! and now i have some delicious homemade chicken stock.

now i just have to find the perfect chicken soup recipe to use it in…

oh, and the banana republic outlet was fantastic! i just love being able to shop and cook at the same time.


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