chicken soup


over the weekend i made chicken soup using the stock i had made last week. i had mentioned that i didn’t know what kind of chicken soup to make and that i was searching for the right recipe. well, i ended up just throwing some ingredients together and it was great!

i filled the pot with the stock, and added shredded chicken leftover from roasting earlier in the week, a leek, a few carrots and some frozen corn. separately i boiled some tiny pasta stars and added them to the bowls of soup once they were cooked. i don’t like to add pasta to soup unless i know i won’t be saving any of it. otherwise the pasta gets all soggy sitting in the broth overnight. and i planned on freezing some of this soup.

i tried it out on my husband for lunch yesterday accompanied by a butterleaf salad. it was nice and light. perfect for spring, not that it’s really springy around here just yet. i mean, it’s portland spring right now, meaning rainy and in the 50s.

this little table is funny. we live in an apartment complex that is art artist community. potential tenants must provide a portfolio and be juried into the building. anyway, next to the dumpster is a spot referred to as ‘the gift shop’ where people leave items that aren’t garbage, but that they just don’t want anymore. because this place is full of artists sometimes you can find really amazing things there. both of my sergers came from there. free! and that is where this little table came from. we have another table that seats four people in our ‘dining area.’ this little gift shop table is affixed to the wall in our living room and flips up or down depending on whether we want to use it or not. you can often find us playing cards there. the reason this table is funny is that we sit at this table way more than our official table. it originally was put there as a our afternoon tea table, yes we’re funny like that, but most days we also use it for breakfast and lunch. i don’t think we’ve ever sat there for dinner though. oh, and our 2 tables are probably only 20 feet apart at the most.


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