carrot soup


a few weeks ago vincent and i had lunch at the bridgeport brewery. we love it. their beer is really good. they are oregon’s oldest craft brewery. their blue heron pale ale is my favorite. their food is also really great. so great in fact that we considered having our rehearsal dinner there, but decided to go with a swankier place instead. more on that another time.

anyway, back to our lunch. i frequently get their blue plate special which consists of half a sandwich, a cup of soup and your choice of caesar or mixed green salad. the sandwich and soup vary daily. yum! the last time i ordered it i don’t remember what the sandwich was, but the carrot soup has stayed with me. i was suspect of a carrot soup. i was worried that it would have ginger in it, which would ruin it for me. i know, i’m a freak. i don’t like cilantro either, or cucumbers, or walnuts, or apples. i assure you, though, i like a lot of other things.

the soup did not, however, have ginger in it and it was fantastic! it was a pure carrot flavor that was slightly on the savory side, very warm and fresh, which i think is hard to do. so i set about this week to try to recreate this magical soup. i started out on saturday at the farmers’ market. i bought a two lb bag of carrots and an onion. then came the task of peeling all of those carrots.

seriously, my hand was a little cramped at the end. then came the chopping.

i filled up two of these bowls with little pieces of carrot. then came the onion and garlic. the onion was particularly vicious and left me weeping on the floor for a few minutes, longer than usual. i really need to get some goggles. once my eyes started burning i stopped thinking about how fun it is to cook and just focused on getting it done, which is why i don’t have any more prep photos. i’ll try to work on that in the future…

i knew my husband wasn’t really excited about the carrot soup, so i made something different for dinner and had the soup for lunch. it was great! a little different than what i had a bridgeport, but just as satisfying. in fact so satisfying that i didn’t remember to take a photo until i was almost finished:

i based it on this recipe i found at oh, and i left out the cloves. i don’t like them. can you tell that i’m an only child? and i put a little dollop of sour cream on it instead of whipping cream.

on a side note, i was looking at the website for gathering together farm, one of the stands i buy carrots from at the farmers’ market, and noticed that they have a restaurant! they serve brunch, lunch, and have just started serving friday night dinners. they have a three course prix-fixe for $23 and it’s all organic! the farm is located in philomath. i’m not even sure how far away that is from portland, but it can’t be too far since they drive here every saturday morning and are set up by 8:30am. maybe we’ll check it out one of these evenings. i’ll let you know if we do…


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