i know this may sound kind of crazy, but sometimes i have a hard time figuring out what to do with my time. i don’t have a job, so i don’t have a very structured day. if i’m not diligent about being active with my time the whole day can disappear so easily. i’m not saying that i sit around all day eating bon bons and drinking martinis. i don’t. i haven’t had a bon bon or a martini in quite a while. but i do find myself reading a little too much, for example.

so today i made a schedule for myself. i think it might be a little too structured:

7:30am have tea, read email (we have skylights, so i’m an early riser)

8:00 make breakfast

8:45 shower

9:15 blog

10:00 clean up after breakfast, start cleaning project such as laundry

12:00 make lunch

1:00-3:00 work on creative projects, such as etsy shop items or other sewing projects

2:00 tea time!

3:00 exercise

3:34 shower

4:00 start dinner prep if needed, look at if i want, watch oprah, etc.

6:30 have dinner

hmmm… i think i need to change it a bit. loosen it up. otherwise i’m worried i’ll be destined to fail. i mean, what if i take a shower at 9:00 one day? it could throw my whole day off…

and i didn’t schedule any cuddle time with the cats!

here they are on the chairs under the table. one of their favorite spots. brain is on the left and pinky on the right.


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