tea time


if you read my post about my ridiculous schedule you may have noticed that i have allotted two separate spaces to drinking tea. that’s how much i love it. not only do i love tea, but i really only love one kind: jasmine. there’s just something about the flavor combined with the amount of caffeine it has that makes it perfect, at least for me.

and not only do i really only drink jasmine tea, i only like one brand. i discovered it at a local asian market where i could get a box of 100 bags for $2.99. amazing. then last year they decided to ‘remodel’ and tore the building down. it is in the process of being rebuilt, but not fast enough for me. fortunately vincent did some searching and found it at amazon here, but of course it costs way more. it still is totally worth it for me.

i don’t know if i’d really call myself a tea snob. can you be a snob about really cheap tea? i have tried expensive loose leaf varieties, organic versions, and other types of tea and i just can’t find anything i like as much. it just makes me feel so good. i get good feelings just thinking about drinking it. i wish i could drink it at night, but it keeps me up if i drink it past four in the afternoon.

i usually have a tea bag in my purse at all times. it’s rare to find a cafe that has jasmine tea, regardless of the brand. if i find myself completely stranded without any jasmine to be found and i really want a cup of tea i will get english breakfast with cream and sugar, or peppermint if i am feeling under the weather. or i’ll totally switch it up and indulge in hot chocolate…


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