pasta and easy italian meat sauce


here is one of our all time favorite meals:

as you can see from my splattered cookbook, it has been made a lot. we used to have this every other week, sometimes every week, but we have since stopped eating as much red meat. why must the doctor be such a killjoy? at least now we’re using grass-fed beef, which has something like 1/3 the amount of saturated fat that regular industrial beef has. i’m thinking about trying to make it with turkey instead, but am thinking that maybe i’ll just leave it alone and have it be a special once-in-awhile kind of dish.

anyway, it is really easy and only takes about 40 minutes from start to finish.

so you melt some butter and olive oil, then add onions, garlic and a grated carrot and let it cook a bit, adding the beef. after it is browned you add tomatoes. we prefer diced but the recipe calls for whole. either way, delicious. this last time i made with fire roasted diced tomatoes. very good. then you add some milk and spices.

and let it simmer for 20 or so minutes. meanwhile boil some water and cook your pasta. don’t forget to add salt to the water!! it greatly enhances the overall flavor of the meal.

so easy and so good!

if you want to make this check out the recipe here. it’s way more specific that what i have written… it is from the everyday food book ‘great food fast’.

i’m still working on compiling photos and stories from the beach. i’ll post them soon-ish.


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