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i’ve been sorting through my husband’s receipts to get them ready to enter into quickbooks. in order to do so i had to clear off my desk. organizing is hard for me. maintaining clear surfaces is hard for me. if there’s an empty space i will put a pile of papers on it immediately. anyway, […]

new sandals


i was at old navy today stocking up on some summer wardrobe essentials. i wear my summer shirts so much that they don’t really make it to the following summer. because of this i don’t see any reason to spend a lot on something i won’t have for years and years. i mean, we’re talking […]

(from bluelines) in less than two weeks my husband and i will celebrate our first wedding anniversary! it has been a wonderful year which has gone by so quickly. with this milestone fast approaching i’ve been thinking about anniversary gifts. the first anniversary gift is supposed to be made of paper, if you want to […]



i know it has been over a week since my last post. i came down with the flu. i was so sick that i couldn’t look at a computer screen. i hadn’t had the stomach flu since i was a child. it is worse than i remember. my husband was an absolute champ! he went […]



here’s a video clip from the obama rally yesterday! it gives you a good view of barack speaking, and then vincent pans the camera, rather quickly i might add, to show the boats in the water and the enormous crowd behind us.

yesterday vincent and i were a part of the largest obama rally ever and we were so grateful to be there. he wasn’t scheduled to speak until 2:30, but we decided to go early to try to get as close as we could. we found the line at 10 and it was already 5 or […]

i love my a.c.


this is our first summer in this apartment and consequently our first apartment with air conditioning. our place has a loft where we have our desks, closets, and bed. all of the heat is just collecting up there. i resisted turning on the a.c. until this morning. i think the high yesterday was 85. it […]