mother’s day


i made my mom dinner for mother’s day. she and i went to the farmers’ market and looked for the best ingredients we could find. continuing with my plan to try new food i picked up some shitake and maitake mushrooms.

once i got home i was trying to think of something i could make that would be delicious and different, but not crazy hard. oh, and it had to utilize mainly what i purchased at the market. after hemming and hawing a bit i decided to make savory crepes filled with mushrooms and spinach, topped with a gorgonzola cream sauce, a tossed green salad with a lemon vinaigrette, and homemade pineapple sorbet for dessert. i had never made crepes before. fortunately my mom is adventurous, even when it comes to a meal in her honor.

first i made the sorbet and got it in the freezer. then i began to saute the mushrooms and spinach with a little garlic. once they were cooked i set them aside. i made the salad dressing and prepped the lettuce. i heated up some cream and added the gorgonzola. at this point my mom had arrived and we were enjoying a nice bottle of pinot gris. i made the crepe batter and crossed my fingers. all in all i think i did alright for my first attempt at crepes. they were all perfect until i tried to flip them. julia child says all you need to flip something is ‘courage and conviction’ which i kept repeating to myself. the first couple of crepes didn’t really flip, but moreso folded over on itself. i was able to salvage them, but they weren’t the model form of crepes either. naturally i decided i needed more courage and conviction so i flipped the next one higher! and it landed on the floor… my mom laughed and laughed, as did i. so i ended up with 5 out of 6 crepes. not too bad. i filled the crepes, put them in a baking dish, poured the sauce over and popped it in the oven for about 15 minutes. i tossed the salad and in a few minutes we sat down to a very tasty meal, if i do say so myself. unfortunately my husband was out of town on business and he took all of our cameras with him, so i have no photo documentation of the meal. i am confident, however, that i’ll be making this again quite soon. yum!


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  1. 1 Emily

    Sounds delicious! We’re having a mushroom recipe contest and I’d love to have you submit your recipe. The winner will be mailed 2 lbs. of fresh morels! Recipes can be posted to our blog:

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