afternoon snack


i spent this morning sewing and listening to podcasts. the cats like to help me with my sewing.

i’m working on making a curtain and the bed is the only surface big enough to lay out the fabric. the kitties thought it was very entertaining.

after i had worked up an appetite sewing i decided to bake some banana bread. i had some bananas that had gone past the point of no return and thought that some sweet, warm bread would be perfect on a rainy day like today.

then i inspected them further

so apparently bananas can get too ripe. i threw the bananas away but still had a craving for something sweet and baked. then i remembered the buttermilk biscuits i had stashed in the freezer. i popped a couple in the oven and figured it was a good opportunity to try the honey i got at the farmers’ market last saturday.

it is from raynblest farms in elkton, oregon. it was delicious on my biscuits! so different than the honey i have from the grocery store. i also picked up two varieties of prunes and a carton of eggs at their stand. oh, and i highly recommend making some biscuits and stashing a few in the freezer. i just added about 3 more minutes to the baking time and they were perfect!


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