i love my a.c.


this is our first summer in this apartment and consequently our first apartment with air conditioning. our place has a loft where we have our desks, closets, and bed. all of the heat is just collecting up there.

i resisted turning on the a.c. until this morning. i think the high yesterday was 85. it never cooled off in the apartment. not even over night. it is supposed to be 97 today. i figured the best strategy was to cool it off early and keep it that way. it feels good in here as long as i am within about 10ft of the air conditioner. actually the whole downstairs doesn’t feel too bad. once i get just a few steps up the stairs, though, it all changes. i somehow don’t think we’re going to be sleeping upstairs tonight.

does anyone have any suggestions as to how to counteract the chemically air conditioner smell? other than that i LOVE it!!!


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