obama rally in portland draws 75,000 people!


yesterday vincent and i were a part of the largest obama rally ever and we were so grateful to be there. he wasn’t scheduled to speak until 2:30, but we decided to go early to try to get as close as we could. we found the line at 10 and it was already 5 or 6 blocks long.

good thing we didn’t decide to wait another hour or two before getting in line! we sat on the sidewalk in the shade for a couple of hours, chatting with people and taking in the spectacle. there were people selling shirts, buttons, and hats, most of which looked like it wasn’t part of the official campaign merchandise. one of my favorites:

around 12:30, after being frisked and checked with metal detectors, we were led into the rally area at waterfront park. it was a gorgeous day, full of sun and blue skies. thankfully we had used a ton of sun screen before we left that house that morning. we sure did see lots of sunburns though. around 1:30 The Decemberists took the stage and played for about 30 minutes. as time went on it really began to fill up.

after a couple of warm up speakers the obama family took the stage and waved to the crowd. we were too busy clapping to take a picture of them, sorry… then it was obama’s time to speak and it was wonderful. our hours of waiting paid off. we were about 20-30 ft away from him!

it was really moving. it was such an amazing experience not only to see and hear him speak live, but also to have been part of such a gathering. we are still reeling from it.

vincent took some quicktime video of the rally which i will try to post later today!


One Response to “obama rally in portland draws 75,000 people!”

  1. 1 Carina

    That button is awesome! I wish I had gone.

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