first anniversary, part one


(from bluelines)

in less than two weeks my husband and i will celebrate our first wedding anniversary! it has been a wonderful year which has gone by so quickly. with this milestone fast approaching i’ve been thinking about anniversary gifts. the first anniversary gift is supposed to be made of paper, if you want to follow the traditional guidelines, which i do. i thought i’d post some of the ideas i came up with for creative and/or good (i think) paper gifts. these aren’t specifically gifts only for husbands, but for anyone looking for a nice paper themed gift. none of these are what i have wrapped up for my husband. i can’t post what i actually got for him because he reads this blog from time to time. i’ll post that in part two of this post in a couple of weeks.

orla kiely recently has come out with a stationary line! i have happily carried one of her bags for the last two years and still love it. for years i religiously wrote in my journal. now i make many lists. one of these notebooks would be so delightful to jot down thoughts in.

i have been drooling over kate spade’s organizers for a long time. i really like that they come in both leather and canvas, because sometimes leather goods are just too expensive… while they are lovely on the outside, it’s the inside that i really love. from the contrasting lining to the quirky calendar and address book, it has that perfect preppy/campy kate spade thing that can’t really be found anywhere else.

port2port press has beautiful letterpressed cards. they have created something called the card society. it’s basically a card of the month club. you subscribe to it and in return you will receive two cards each month that are only released to card members and aren’t sold elsewhere. if you know someone who still corresponds the ‘old-fashioned’ way this could be a thoughtful gift.

if you’ve recently moved or are planning on purchasing a house in the near future a book on interior design with a nice inscription could be a great gift. bohemian modern is full of great photos and ideas for laid back modern living.

as you know, i like to cook. a cookbook like jamie oliver’s new book could also be a great gift. i once house-sat for a woman whose husband had recently died. she had a wonderful cookbook collection that i was flipping through. i came across an old martha stewart cookbook that he had inscribed to his wife “let’s have a clambake!” what a memento for her and their young son. i don’t think people write in books enough anymore.

of course there are all sorts of other ideas to be found online as well, such as concert tickets and photo albums. my goal in choosing a first anniversary gift is for it to be special. i want it to be something we keep and can refer back to in later years. i’m totally sentimental that way… does anyone else have any great suggestions to add to the list?


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