new sandals


i was at old navy today stocking up on some summer wardrobe essentials. i wear my summer shirts so much that they don’t really make it to the following summer. because of this i don’t see any reason to spend a lot on something i won’t have for years and years. i mean, we’re talking t-shirts, not winter coats. while i was there i found these cute sandals. we live downtown, so we walk a lot. while i love the idea of wearing skirts with heels all over town, the truth is i don’t want to walk to the grocery store and back in heels. these sandals are a nice balance of style and comfort. they are entirely made of plastic. the straps look leather-like, but they’re plastic. the sole is firm yet squishy. they’re like flexible flip flops. i haven’t walked to the grocery store in them yet, but i have worn them pretty much since i got home. i cooked dinner in them and am still enjoying wearing them. oh, mine are a slightly different color way than those pictured above. the foot pad is the same pattern but has a hint of blue instead of pink, and the straps are a slate gray instead of gold. and did i mention they were $9.50? i got my requisite shirts and a gray denim pencil skirt too…


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