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french potato salad with shallots and fava beans tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette. perfect. Advertisements

second place!


i have to brag a bit here… last night my husband got second place in a shoe design competition for a new company RYZ. those are his mr. giraffe shoes! so cute! check out his blog for his perspective on the event, it’s an interesting read. i’m so proud!!

as i mentioned earlier this week i wanted to try making this delicious-sounding sour-cherry lambic sorbet. naturally i couldn’t find sour cherries anywhere, not even frozen or canned. apparently the world only wants sweet cherries, and to be fair i usually fall into that category too. i was lamenting this fact to my friend rebecca […]

we’re hosting smallish dinner party tomorrow night, six people total, and i don’t know what to make, other than a bigger version of this caprese salad. you see, i had a nice menu all planned out. i was going to make four different pizzas, a couple of salads, an ice cream and a sorbet, with […]

i just finished my very first batch of homemade ice cream! i was nervous that i would accidentally scramble the eggs when making the custard, but i didn’t! i had picked up two pints of strawberries from groundworks organics at the farmers’ market and they just seemed made for this ice cream. i think tomorrow […]

for the past year or so i have really been wanting to buy a house. i’m sure it is related to getting married and being in my early thirties and all of that stuff. it also doesn’t help that domino is my favorite magazine. after complaining to my husband that i don’t like our apartment, […]

happy birthday!


yesterday was my husband’s birthday! i woke up extra early and baked this banana bundt cake. for lunch i packed us a picnic that included salami, tillamook cheddar, a baguette from the pearl bakery, strawberries, grapes, french potato salad, olives, and mineral water. don’t you just love smiling while getting caught with your mouth full?