hot weather dinner party, help!


we’re hosting smallish dinner party tomorrow night, six people total, and i don’t know what to make, other than a bigger version of this caprese salad. you see, i had a nice menu all planned out. i was going to make four different pizzas, a couple of salads, an ice cream and a sorbet, with of course some wine and cocktails. and while that all sounds delicious, i just checked the weather and it is supposed to be 89 tomorrow. our apartment is quite warm when it is in the 70s, so there’s no way i can heat the oven up for pizzas on a really hot day.

so, what should i make? it’s not like i refuse to use the stove or oven at all, i just don’t want to heat it to 500 for 45 minutes for pizzas. what’s some good hot weather food, other than just salads? i’m totally stuck. everything that i’m ‘good’ at making involves the oven, such as lasagna.

any input would be appreciated!


One Response to “hot weather dinner party, help!”

  1. 1 Courtney

    Since it is 10,000 degrees here all summer long. I’ve become a big fan of cold salads (and the grill, which I know you don’t have access to) along with stuff I can cook on the stovetop. I recently did a very yummy cold salad with green beans, corn cilantro, jalepeno, and grape tomatoes. I served it with black bean quesidillas and home made guac. Oh so good. You could throw some chicken or shrimp in the quesidillas or go fajitas style and add some peppers and onions …

    My other big standby is cold peanut noodle salad with chicken. There are a gazilion recipes out there and all of them are good.

    Oh and if i’m feeling really fancy I’ll do a cold cous cous salad and get some of that yummy Indian bread.

    Other than that … I have one word for you Sandwhiches …… and home made sweet potato chips (although if you don’t have a fryer, that can mean the oven again.)

    happy cooking!

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