raspberry lambic sorbet


as i mentioned earlier this week i wanted to try making this delicious-sounding sour-cherry lambic sorbet. naturally i couldn’t find sour cherries anywhere, not even frozen or canned. apparently the world only wants sweet cherries, and to be fair i usually fall into that category too. i was lamenting this fact to my friend rebecca yesterday and she suggested using raspberries instead, ‘you know, they make raspberry lambic,’ she said. of course they do!!! so i bought some local frozen raspberries, it’s not raspberry season yet, and set about doing a sorbet freestyle of sorts. you see, i have a great williams-sonoma book called Frozen Desserts that has a tasty raspberry sorbet recipe. i made it last year for the fourth of july. anyway, making sorbet can be a tricky thing. it really all comes down to science. if you don’t add in the right amount of sugar or if you don’t pour it in the mixer the right way or if it isn’t allowed to chill properly, it won’t freeze. when i first received this ice cream maker, a gift from my mom on my 27th b day, i had many frustrating sorbet freestyling attempts. fyi: just because the recipe is on the internet does not mean it will work… i’m still trying to find a jasmine green tea sorbet recipe that is to my liking. so this recipe is a combination of the sour-cherry recipe and the williams-sonoma recipe.

-mix 3/4 c water with 3/4 c sugar, boil over med high 1-2 min. add 20oz raspberries, bring back to boil, simmer 1-2 min until berries are very soft.

-press berry mixture through a fine mesh sieve. you have to be a little patient with this.

-just keep slowly squishing the goo with a spoon or spatula until there’s nothing left but seeds and a little pulp. discard the pulp and refrigerate the the raspberry mixture until cold, at least 3 hours.

– remove from refrigerator. add 1c of raspberry lambic, mix.

-pour into your ice cream machine and churn according to your manufacturer’s instructions. mine churned for about 30 minutes. then transfer to an air tight container and freeze.

it tastes very strongly of raspberries, with a hint of the lambic. i love it! we’re serving this at our dinner party tonight, so i’ll take some photos of the finished product and post them later.


2 Responses to “raspberry lambic sorbet”

  1. How about trying it with the Peche (peach) Lambic? I’ve only had the drink itself, but it is so delicious.

  2. 2 genuineimitationgallery

    i’ll try that once peaches are in season! sounds so refreshing right now…

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