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so sweet


have i mentioned that i’m a cat person? Advertisements

zucchini salad


last saturday morning i was watching jamie oliver’s show, jamie at home, and got really inspired. well, actually i always get inspired when i watch his show. it’s my favorite cooking show and it always makes me long to have a garden. basically the show is him in his garden out in the country digging […]

cream of wheat with milk and raspberries from the farmers’ market

saturday afternoon i made bananas foster ice cream. i’ve really been wanting to make a pie lately, but i know it would make it too hot in our apartment. i’ve also been wanting to make bananas foster. i had it once in a restaurant years ago and loved it. so then i was thinking that, […]

i’ve got some new bedside reading! i went looking for the august details with james mcavoy on the cover and found esquire with stephen colbert sitting right next to it. i had to have them both! my two favorite famous men…

modern economy


last saturday a friend and i went to the modern economy sample sale at the ace hotel. at first i was overwhelmed by the amount of design-y goodness, but managed to come away with some nice things, mainly presents for others, that i am quite happy with! after our shopping event we decided to go […]



do you see this cute kitty? the one burrowing in our bedding? i took her to the vet today because i found white worms coming out of her hind end. time to wash the sheets! shudder…shudder…shudder…