random sunday morning thoughts


i woke up at 6:30 sunday morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. it wasn’t really my favorite thing, waking up that early, but i decided to roll with it instead of fighting it. i went downstairs, made some tea, and opened my laptop. last night we were at the most amazing house i’ve ever been in. i had no idea how amazing it was going to be or i would have brought my camera. so alas, no photos. it was my mid century modern dream house. it was like i had died and gone to heaven and my ghost was wandering around the fantastic house. ugh. our friends bought it from the original owner, who also happened to be the architect that designed it. he left them with the blueprints and a book of notes he had taken about the house over the years. it still has the original cork floors and fixtures. it also doesn’t hurt that it is on a bluff overlooking a valley, with amazing picture windows framing the beautiful view. so i had to visit my favorite mid century modern real estate site to see what was for sale in portland. we’re not exactly in the market for a house right now, but it’s nice to keep tabs on what is out there. if we were actively shopping for a house we’d be driving over to see this place right now. so much potential and character!

anyway, after drooling over the houses and almost getting sad that we can’t go buy one today i started checking into some of my favorite design blogs. there’s always an idea or two that i run across that i think i might be able to incorporate into our place, which usually makes me feel better. i found this great site, door sixteen, and i think it might be my new favorite blog. it is written by anna and is primarily, i think, about her cool old house and its’ ongoing renovation. she also writes about other things she likes from time to time. i probably read through 8 pages of her blog this morning. it is so great! on one of her posts she blogged about getting a new iMac. she posted a photo of it which had orla kiely wallpaper on the desktop, i mean this in the computer sense, not actual wallpaper glued to the top of her desk. anyway i read further and found out she created it herself. so of course as soon as vincent was up, 2 hours later, and had a cup of coffee in his hand, i asked if he could help me make one too, and here it is:

i love it! it makes the whole upstairs happier. my laptop downstairs is happier too! i’ve been spending this day cleaning the apartment. if i can’t live in my dream house today i’ll at least try to make this place as wonderful as possible, and that starts with it being nice and clean. i’m still working on organizing my sewing studio. it’s basically ready except for finding a good cork board. once it is finished i’ll post some photos. i might even post some photos of the grey silk dress i’m working on…


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