kirsten dunst, circa 2004


i was going through some of my old magazines and found one of my favorite issues of Vogue, July 2004. kirsten dunst is on the cover and is featured in a wonderful spread. it still kills me four years later. i want to look like this all of the time.

(don’t you love how i just took photos of the magazine instead of scanning the pages?)

i love the spirit of the photos, the clothes, and her hair. i have taken this issue to the hairdresser so many times as an example of what i want. which leads me to my next conundrum: to cut or not to cut?

here’s what i look like right now (i took this with the camera on my computer):

here’s what it looked like not too long after i got it cut in this bob-shape:

here are a couple of examples of what i looked like with various versions of the ‘kirsten’:

i also was growing out the remainder of my platinum hair, which is a whole other discussion: to lighten or not… i’m leaning toward the shorter cut, but i do maybe just need a trim on this bob? the bangs are too long to wear with a center part. ugh. i don’t know. maybe the secret is just to look down all of the time, like i am in the short hair photos. that’s my favorite pose for photos. it’s surprisingly flattering.


One Response to “kirsten dunst, circa 2004”

  1. Hi! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. SO I LOVE 1. that you save copies of Vogue from 2004 and 2. your new haircut. LOVE IT!!! I vote for the shorter cut although both are very flattering. If I had straight hair, it would be cut like that immediately!

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