the dinner party


the menu from the hot weather dinner party

manchego, quince paste, baguette, and grapes

caprese salad

butter leaf salad with breakfast radishes and a balsamic vinaigrette

spaghetti carbonara

homemade strawberry ice cream

homemade raspberry lambic sorbet

it was very successful! i was worried that the pasta would be too heavy, but no one seemed to care about that. i think that everyone secretly always wants bacon and pasta, or as my husband refers to it ‘bacony pasta.’

it is really hot today and i wish i still had some of the sorbet or ice cream left…

i guess i’ll have to make do with this instead:

two of my favorite things coming together! stephen colbert AND ice cream!! once the colbert report comes back with new episodes next week my life will be complete.


2 Responses to “the dinner party”

  1. Love Americone Dream! It’s my new fave Ben & Jerry’s:-).

    Caprese salad…serious yum. Makes me wish my tomatoes were ripe…might have to hit the farmer’s market.

  2. 2 anujk

    bacony pasta … is a nice name for bacon and pasta :)… seems you have given a serious thought to the dinner party menu… nice pick… the caprese salad appears… easy to make and m sure it would have looked beautiful on the dinner table….

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