fried egg sandwich


lately breakfast is either scrambled eggs with cheese or grape nuts mixed with yogurt, and they both are quite delicious, but sometimes you crave something different. last sunday was one of those days.

i lightly toasted some bread while i fried two eggs, one for each of us. when the toast and eggs were done i stacked them in a broiler pan, layered cheese and tomatoes (for me) on top and stuck it under the broiler until the cheese had melted.

then put another piece of toast on top and you’ve got a tasty breakfast! and just think about the variations you could do with this basic recipe… add spinach or mushrooms, use a different type of cheese, add bacon or sausage, english muffins instead of bread, those yummy yet greasy frozen hashbrown patties… now that i think about it it sounds so good that i’m half tempted to make this for dinner tonight!


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