rooftop dinner party


enjoying a strawberry lemon balsamic cocktail

last night we went to the first night of the rooftop dinner series presented by gilt club. it was fantastic!

fresh corn, mache, avocado, and shitake salad

i made corn salad a lot, but i use frozen corn. my husband took a bite of this salad and said ‘wow, the fresh corn makes such a difference!’ so true. the first course was an heirloom tomato gazpacho, but we forgot to take a photo. it was really tasty! i’m not typically a fan of gazpacho, but this one tasted really fresh and therefore wonderful.

halibut with asparagus

halibut is one of my favorite fishes and they always do a great job with it. yum! the dessert was a essentially an amazing ice cream sandwich: frozen raspberry goodness sandwiched between two vanilla cookies. it was too dark at that point to take a photo, so no picture of that…

sunset during dinner

i should mention that vincent got an iphone last saturday and all of these photos were taken with it. such an amazing device!


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