bananas foster ice cream


saturday afternoon i made bananas foster ice cream. i’ve really been wanting to make a pie lately, but i know it would make it too hot in our apartment. i’ve also been wanting to make bananas foster. i had it once in a restaurant years ago and loved it. so then i was thinking that, since it’s so hot, i should make ice cream! and then, why not bananas foster ice cream? i did a little hunting online and found a recipe.

i followed the vanilla ice cream recipe from my williams-sonoma frozen desserts book and used the other recipe for the banana-brown sugar-cinnamon-rum component. the tricky thing about using two different recipes is that sometimes the proportions aren’t the same. i realized, as i was pouring the banana-run mixture into the vanilla custard, that my vanilla ice cream recipe was half the size of the online recipe, so i had made double the amount of banana-rum goodness. whoops! i didn’t pour all of it in, thankfully, and it turned out beautifully!

my biggest suggestion is to use ripe bananas. i was impatient and used bananas that still had green stems. the ice cream has a nice rich flavor, but i imagine letting the bananas ripen would just increase that lovely flavor more. bananas combined with brown sugar, cinnamon, and rum… so good!


2 Responses to “bananas foster ice cream”

  1. 1 ldhk

    a couple of questions:

    1. what type of machine/gadget did you use to make your ice cream?

    2. although you didn’t pour in all of the banana and rum bit, did you pour in more than the proper proportion in light of the other half of the recipe?

    …my wife loves ice cream, so I make take a crack at this. plus, what’s one more kitchen gadget?

  2. 2 genuineimitationgallery

    thanks so much for your questions!

    i have a cuisinart ice cream machine that i use for making sorbet and ice cream. it’s really easy to use, but is kind of loud.
    yes, i did pour more of the banana rum mixture in than just half. i had probably 1/3 left over. i really just did it to taste. if you go that route know that the flavors get muted when the ice cream freezes. when i tasted it initially i was worried that it was a little too rummy, but now it tastes just perfect!

    good luck!

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