zucchini salad


last saturday morning i was watching jamie oliver’s show, jamie at home, and got really inspired. well, actually i always get inspired when i watch his show. it’s my favorite cooking show and it always makes me long to have a garden. basically the show is him in his garden out in the country digging up something, promptly cooking it, and turning it into the yummiest thing you’ve ever seen.

last saturday’s show was titled courgettes, or as it is known to me, zucchini. he made a zucchini carbonara and deep fried sqaush blossoms stuffed with ricotta and mint. the dish that called out to me, however, was the simple zucchini salad he presented. take a few small, like no longer than 1″ in diameter, zucchinis and peel strips of them with a peeler or a mandoline into a bowl. stop peeling when you get to the middle. discard the white not-so-yummy centers. drizzle some olive oil and lemon juice over the zucchini. tear some basil leaves into it. add salt and pepper to taste. mix. taste again and adjust seasonings. he added some fresh chopped red chilies. i can never find the ones he uses, so i didn’t include them in my version. it was so fresh and different, crunchy and soft at the same time. we had it sunday evening with steak and corn on the cob. ah, summer…


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  1. 1 meserod

    I tried the salad and it was super yummy! Check it out http://meserod.wordpress.com/2008/09/18/whats-for-dinner/

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