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and last but not least, fall must be right around the corner because look what i found!! sorry i haven’t posted in a few days. my birthday was last week and i ended up taking a sort of mental vacation from my usual life. Advertisements

cherry tomatoes


i have this weird character flaw where i am reluctant to eat produce i purchase that i deem special. this typically applies to fresh berries, peaches, and, yes, cherry tomatoes. i know this sounds ridiculous, but i think that if i eat those beautiful, delicious raspberries then i won’t have them anymore. i don’t feel […]

skirt stalking


i have always been drawn to very put-together styles, such as tailored jackets and skirt suits. i don’t dress that way though, preferring to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. it is very easy to be casually dressed in portland. it rains most of the year and everyone else here is wearing parkas, jeans, and […]

look what just arrived at my doorstep! i have been drooling over these beans ever since i first saw them mentioned on i love the idea of helping continue the lines of these lesser produced beans, supporting an independant business, and getting fresher beans, plus i love their graphic design! those labels will make […]

aawww yeah…


i got an early birthday present and i LOVE it!

crock pot cake


as i have complained about previously, it is hot more often than not in our apartment. last week, having still not satiated my desire to bake, i pulled out my favorite crock pot cookbook Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook. there’s a whole section devoted to desserts. i decided to make the chocolate cake since […]

orla kiely’s autumn/winter 08 line is out! after reviewing it this morning all i can say is that heaven to me would be stepping into these photos and living there forever. in other words i totally love it! visit here for all of the photos and the full line.