crock pot cake


as i have complained about previously, it is hot more often than not in our apartment. last week, having still not satiated my desire to bake, i pulled out my favorite crock pot cookbook Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook. there’s a whole section devoted to desserts. i decided to make the chocolate cake since my husband loves chocolate cake. i’m more of a white-cake-with-raspberry-filling kind of gal, but i enjoy chocolate from time to time as well. what is great about this dessert is that the top layer is cake and the bottom is basically chocolate pudding. it doesn’t make for a very pretty presentation. it’s a more ‘rustic’ dessert.

hot fudge spoon cake with ice cream

i think vincent would have preferred it to be a little richer with the chocolate flavor, and probably not as sweet. i was glad it was sweet, but it could have been a bit richer. we have an ongoing battle of dark chocolate (him) vs milk chocolate (me). as i see it, if chocolate isn’t sweet then it’s not a treat, right? bitter doesn’t have a place on my dessert plate. i know that many, many people disagree…

all in all baking in the crock pot wasn’t too bad. it was really easy, pretty tasty, and didn’t heat up the whole place. the downside is that it won’t ever look like a nice cake on a stand and some people are suspect about eating a crock pot cake. i think next time i’m going to try the lemon buttermilk sponge cake. there’s also a bread pudding recipe that i think would be great. bread pudding seems sort of right for the crock pot to me.


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