skirt stalking


i have always been drawn to very put-together styles, such as tailored jackets and skirt suits. i don’t dress that way though, preferring to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. it is very easy to be casually dressed in portland. it rains most of the year and everyone else here is wearing parkas, jeans, and sneakers. overcoming this fashion tendancy has been hard for me. i haven’t fully succeeded, but i’m trying. i really love the fashion in Hitchcock movies and Mad Men. i pinned some of my favorite fashion spreads on the wall of my closet as inspiration for dressing in the morning.

(sorry about the reflection obscuring gisele. the lighting in my closet is terrible.)

the first two rows are from vogue a few years ago, i think september 2004. i found it when i was paring down my magazines last year. the last two rows are from lucky a few years ago; ’50s European and Hitchcock lady. so wonderful!

anyway, a few weeks ago i was at nordstrom rack, the great nordstrom discount store, and spied a rounder of L.A.M.B. new arrivals. L.A.M.B. is gwen stefani’s clothing line. i typically hate celebrity clothing lines. usually they’re not my style, and as someone who is trained as a fashion designer, it is infuriating when a celebrity decides that they are able to be great designers just because they’re famous. and of course, they aren’t designing the collections, but merely lending their names, at least that’s what i assume largely happens. i love gwen as a style icon. i’ve been a fan since the mid-nineties. i don’t know if she actually designs it or not. i’m sure she has help if she is involved at all. what i love about L.A.M.B. is the edgy-feminine line it manages to walk. i’m not into the track suits and all of that, but the fancier stuff is right up my alley. so there i am pawing through the rack of clothes. i find one pencil skirt, but it’s not in my size. i text rebecca because i think it is her size. she isn’t able to go check it out.

fast forward to last saturday afternoon. i get a text from rebecca saying that she has found that same pencil skirt in my size! i throw on some shoes and walk over there. of course she has already left by the time i get there. i start digging through all the racks that i can find. after about 30 minutes of searching i give up. i text her back saying that it is gone. she promptly arrives to help me look. so glad she was still in the neighborhood! as soon as she walks in the store we walk past a woman holding it in her arms. that’s when i began stalking her. i lingered behind her as she walked around the store. then i stood guard as she stood in line for the dressing rooms. we kept hoping she would give up because the line was long. not a chance. we were pretty sure that the skirt wasn’t going to fit her. rebecca and i used to work together making custom skirts and pants for women. we’re pretty familiar with sizing up people and knowing what will and won’t fit them. after what seemed like forever she emerged without the skirt. i ran up to the front of the line and asked to see their go backs. i found the skirt and got in line myself. it fit perfectly and now it is mine!

i love plaid. i love pencils skirts. i especially love the pleating detail on the back of the skirt. so fantastic! i will wear this non-stop this fall. i feel like this skirt really embodies what i am drawn to and what i am looking for. it is well made and feminine, but doesn’t look like a direct vintage knock-off. it’s the perfect updated Hitchcock piece!


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