cherry tomatoes


i have this weird character flaw where i am reluctant to eat produce i purchase that i deem special. this typically applies to fresh berries, peaches, and, yes, cherry tomatoes. i know this sounds ridiculous, but i think that if i eat those beautiful, delicious raspberries then i won’t have them anymore. i don’t feel this way about any other food. i’m never concerned about eating all of the ice cream for fear that i’ll be out of ice cream! while i think it is good that i value these wonderfully seasonal treats, what usually happens is that i am so reluctant to eat them that they go bad. there’s a pint of strawberries in the fridge right now that are probably three weeks old. not one of them has been eaten. i’m sure they’re rotten by now. i don’t even want to look. that will just make me feel bad and guilty. the only thing worse than not having those precious treats is letting them spoil.

does anyone else feel this way about certain foods? or am i the only crazy one?


One Response to “cherry tomatoes”

  1. 1 ldhk

    I know what you mean to a degree… There’s something about preserving something pristine.

    But it is food. And ultimately, I go ahead and eat it. If anything, I try to remember it and feel good about having its wholesome calories turn into energy for me.

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