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banana muffins


i set out to make these muffins and realized that my bananas were too small. they were appropriately brown and mushy, but there just wasn’t enough of them to fulfil the requirements. i had already mixed the dry ingredients together and didn’t want to just throw them out, so i started to think what i […]

fall reading!


we have just begun the adventure of looking into buying a house. yesterday morning we did our first walk through of a prospective property. turns out it has a cracked foundation. we could see daylight through it. such a rollercoaster! before we went in we were excited about the neighborhood and getting out of our […]



a few weeks ago my husband and i were watching olympic rowing and i said something about how i had always wanted to learn to row. after some pestering and prodding, including talking a friend into joining me, and taking the required swim test at a local pool, i had my first two classes this […]