a few weeks ago my husband and i were watching olympic rowing and i said something about how i had always wanted to learn to row. after some pestering and prodding, including talking a friend into joining me, and taking the required swim test at a local pool, i had my first two classes this week. so far it is great, although we haven’t left the dock yet. we just sit in the boat and practice rowing, just like the photo above.

the funny thing is that i’m kind of afraid of the water, at least natural bodies of water. they tend to be deep and filled with unknown things. when thinking about rowing i somehow neglected to think about the fact that the boats would be on the water, or that they’d feel kind of unstable, as things floating on the water do. at the first class, after carrying the boat down to the dock and putting it in the water i remember thinking that i was crazy to take this class. i feel much better after the second class. i think that facing my fear is good. plus, these boats almost never tip over, so i don’t really have to worry about that. as much as i like the security of being tethered to the dock, i am looking forward to actually rowing next week. i think it will feel really good to be out gliding through the water. well, it will feel good for the first five minutes, until the pain sets in…


4 Responses to “rowing”

  1. 1 meserod

    I LOVE the pictures where are they from?

  2. 2 genuineimitationgallery

    i must admit that i just found them by doing a google image search for vintage rowing images.

  3. 3 bobbie

    sorry I bailed on you dude. Just goes to show how totally committed and awesome you are. Good work!

  4. 4 Bethanie

    You know I was on a crew in highschool. It is super fun being out on the water in such a small boat. Wish I could join you.

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