banana muffins


i set out to make these muffins and realized that my bananas were too small. they were appropriately brown and mushy, but there just wasn’t enough of them to fulfil the requirements. i had already mixed the dry ingredients together and didn’t want to just throw them out, so i started to think what i could use to replace the missing bananas. i can never buy brown bananas, so i didn’t even bother looking at the store.

i dug around the fridge a bit looking for something. i’m not an accomplished baker at all, so this whole thing made me a bit nervous. normally improvising in cooking is fun and easy, but baking is entirely different. if the proportions get thrown off then it won’t rise or will rise too much.

i kept searching in the fridge and finally struck gold: applesauce! i had read about people using applesauce as a replacement for fats and oils in baking for years, not that i was using it for that purpose. also, it was moist and fruity, just like bananas. i crossed my fingers and dumped it in with the bananas.

i was hopeful that it wouldn’t affect the flavor too much. i don’t like apples. when i was 2 loved apple juice and drank it all the time. then one day i didn’t want it and haven’t ever since. i am sort of ok with applesauce and sometimes i like apple pie, as long as it’s not too apple-y tasting. i know you’re thinking, ‘why eat apple pie if you don’t want it to taste like apples?’ well, everyone around me loves apples, so it’s around and sometimes i want a little dessert and it’s the only thing available…

but back to the muffins! they came out perfectly! they flavor wasn’t changed at all. i used equal parts of banana and applesauce. really ripe banana has a really strong flavor and applesauce doesn’t, so the banana overpowered the applesauce and fully flavored the muffins. i don’t have a special banana muffin recipe to share. just know that you can use applesauce in a pinch if you’re running low on bananas. it works with any recipe!


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