baked eggs


i had rowing last night and woke up starving this morning. at first i was just going to make something simple like poached eggs on toast, but then i remembered we’re out of bread and i certainly wasn’t going to go to the store before eating. that was just out of the question. we’ve been eating a lot of scrambled eggs lately and i’m kind of burned out on them. i started to think about what i did have on hand and remembered making baked eggs once and decided to do it again. baked eggs are basically eggs baked in the oven, usually on a bed of something incorporated with cream. yum! i loosely based my breakfast on this recipe.

i began by sauteing 1/4 of a white sweet onion in olive oil. then i added a couple handfuls of fresh spinach and put the lid on to steam it a bit. once it was limp i added salt, pepper, and a little bit of cream, probably a tablespoon or two. once that was all incorporated i transferred the spinach mixture to a buttered ramekin. i threw in a few cherry tomatoes and cracked an egg into the middle. then i drizzled on a little more cream, really hardly any, added a little more salt and pepper, and sprinkled some parmesan over the top. i popped it in the oven for 10 minutes at 450.

next time i’ll bake it for a little less time because i like the yolk oozier, but otherwise very tasty! i think the addition of bacon, sausage, proscuitto, or another pork product would be lovely as well. my only caution is to eat the tomatoes with care because they’re like little hot bombs that go off in your mouth if you don’t let them properly cool first.


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  1. 1 meserod

    My husband and I LOVE eggs! My oven unfortunatly is on the fritz. We do something similar in an omelet maker, (one of those litte egg pans that is two sided and closes) without flipping it. YUMMY!

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