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we live to the right at the top of these hills. i’m hoping for a mild winter because if the streets freeze we aren’t going anywhere. it was a bright, beautiful, dry morning today and i decided it was the perfect time to get a little exercise and do some exploring. i walked out the […]

we’ve moved!


we moved last saturday and are now surrounded by boxes, ugh. despite the boxes we are very happy to be in our new house! i’ve done a little cooking, but nothing really to write home about, if you know what i mean. i’m really excited to try cooking with our new outdoor fireplace/grill. it’s hard […]

join a csa!


we recently joined the groundwork organics csa (community supported agriculture) program for fall/winter and it has been fantastic! this is what we got in our first box. every saturday we go to their booth at the farmers’ market and pick up a bin of fresh produce. the selection changes each week which makes cooking fun. […]

our loft


we are still reeling from the election. i feel like dancing in the streets i am so happy! anyway, last week i took some photos of our loft. we just found out that we’re moving, so i wanted to document this space before it became a wreck due to the packing and moving process.