join a csa!


we recently joined the groundwork organics csa (community supported agriculture) program for fall/winter and it has been fantastic!

csa1this is what we got in our first box. every saturday we go to their booth at the farmers’ market and pick up a bin of fresh produce. the selection changes each week which makes cooking fun. i spend saturday or sunday planning what meals we’ll have for the week based on what was in the bin.

some of the meals i made using items from this bin:

roasted chicken with roasted cauliflower, roasted fennel and chive mashed potatoes

stir fry with napa cabbage and kale

cheddar chive biscuits

salads to accompany almost every meal

chicken chive enchiladas with pureed squash sauce

enchilada in process

enchilada in process

one of the best things about being part of the csa is that we are eating more, and different, vegetables. so far we have discovered that we love chard, kale, and cabbage, not just spinach.


i baked my first pie over the weekend because we had gotten a batch of apples that i didn’t want to go bad. it turned out great!

this past saturday we got chanterelle mushrooms and leeks that i mixed into spaghetti carbonara. then i made a salad entirely out of the contents of our bin. the freshness really makes a different in flavor.

anyway, look up the csa programs in your area if you’re interested. i highly recommend it!


2 Responses to “join a csa!”

  1. 1 re:Bobbie

    wait a second… you roasted and ate fennel? i’m confused. who are you and what have you done with the cassie that i know?

  2. Your CSA produce looks beautiful. Did they supply the chanterelles, too? I love them, morels and porcinis! Spaghetti carbonara is my fav. soul food – yum!
    We have CSAs here (Half Moon Bay – south of San Francisco) but get so much from our garden pretty much year round that we don’t need another source. But CSAs are an excellent alternative to the yucky supermarket produce for sure.

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