shots from my morning walk


img_0758we live to the right at the top of these hills. i’m hoping for a mild winter because if the streets freeze we aren’t going anywhere. it was a bright, beautiful, dry morning today and i decided it was the perfect time to get a little exercise and do some exploring. i walked out the door, down this hill, back up it and kept going around the corner. i saw some beautiful houses and breath-taking views. my calf muscles also got quite a work out.



i came across these beautiful plants. anyone know what they’re called? now that we have garden space i’ve started thinking about what i’d like to plant. these seem pretty nice.


it was such a nice way to start my day that i’m going to try to make a habit of it…


One Response to “shots from my morning walk”

  1. Hi, looks like you had a lovely walk. I can identify the plants in your photos. The purple berried one is American Beauty Berry, a native plant. The other is Turk’s Turban (clerodendrum indicum) which has lovely creamy flowers and then when the flowers fall, the sepals turn the bright red you now see with the blue seeds. These are great plants to grow.

    Always Growing

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