housebound, day five


when we looked at this house the landlady assured us that, despite the steep driveway and surrounding streets, we didn’t need to worry about the winter because it never really gets that cold in portland. that was about a month and a half ago. here’s what it has looked like for the past five days:


winter wonderland!


our snow-filled outdoor fireplace

the view from the carport

the view from the carport

i, of course, came down with a horrible cold a couple of days before the ‘arctic blast’ hit. the combination of the road conditions and my lack of health have kept me inside since sunday. i know i shouldn’t breathe that cold air, but i think i might go crazy if i don’t at least walk to the mailbox or something.

i’ve been reading and watching a lot movies and tv. i didn’t realize how valuable cable was until all of our local channels started pre-empting everything in favor of their ‘Arctic Blast ’08 Storm Watch’ coverage. it really sucks when you just want to watch oprah, but can’t. since i have cable i still wasn’t able to watch oprah, but i could change the channel and find something other than local storm coverage. i have discovered that i really like House. i also tried out Californication, via netflix, and i like it too. it’s no Sopranos or anything, but it’s just fine for a sick snowy day. plus, there is an amazing house in it. that’s almost enough for me right there! i watched Wanted again and still love it. i really just love anything with james mcavoy in it, but i’m pretty sure i would like this movie even if he wasn’t in it. fantastic action scenes! silly plot, but who cares. i’ve watched a little of the first season of The Office. it makes me uncomfortable and really happy that i don’t have to work in an environment like that anymore. i tried watching 21 Grams, but got bored with it. i watched the first disk of the first season of The West Wing. i LOVE it! i watched it somewhat intermittently when it was on, but it is really great to see it all at once. i can’t wait for my next disk to arrive!

i read The Kid by Dan Savage in a day. it’s about he and his boyfriend adopting a baby. it’s a wonderfully funny and heart warming story. i’m part way through The Bush Tragedy by Jacob Weisberg.  much denser book than the previous, but very interesting. i also have been flipping through domino: The Book of Decorating. it is sooooooo wonderful! makes me wish i had energy to clean and rearrange the house. it’s hard because we’re still not totally unpacked. we’ve only been here a month. and i’m still sort of sick 😦

last friday i went shopping to prepare for the snow. i knew that if it really got cold we wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere, so i stocked up. i made chili and beef stew. i bought some frozen food and some fresh fruits and veggies. well, the chili is gone and the stew is almost gone. the fresh veggies are gone and the fruit is dwindling. either today or tomorrow we’ll have to hike down the hill and hit the grocery store.

as for now i think i’ll attempt to bake a pie with the apples we have and try not to cough on it in the process…


One Response to “housebound, day five”

  1. 1 courtney

    ! it looks so beautiful though. Is Dan Savage the same guy who does stuff for This American Life? I’ve heard a couple of his pieces there, and they are terrific. I’ll have to add the book to my hold list at the library.

    I’ve been reading the Canadians… I know you’re thinking there are canadians. But I just finished Surfacing and am working on the Stone Diaries.

    Miss you. (the cookies are excellent).

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