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foggy morning


I got up for a drink of water around 1am and noticed the fog rolling in, but was still surprised to see how foggy it was when I got up at 8. Because we live near the river we get fog frequently, but I have never seen it so thick! Advertisements

sometimes i just need an escape and my latest favorite escape is This Is Glamorous. my husband is forever noticing that i want to live inside a photo shoot, actually many photo shoots. This Is Glamorous is full of gorgeous photos that i want to crawl inside. beautiful interiors, fashion, and sometimes even a little […]



well, last night i made Jamie Oliver’s Roasted Carrots and Beets with the Juiciest Pork Chops from Jamie At Home. my favorite part was the roasted veggies. the pork was ok, but not like i thought it would be. instead of posting the whole recipe, i’m only going to talk about the veggies, since they […]

every year i seem to make the same resolution, floss my teeth regularly, only to break it within the first month. it has become my perpetual resolution. this year i’m changing things up a bit. while i haven’t conquored flossing, i have decided to focus on other things, like food! no, this isn’t going to […]



a little sampling of the last few weeks while we were snowbound.