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the capelet


here’s a silk capelet i made last week: it is made with ivory hammered silk. i had a lot of fun making it. i did a narrow rolled hem on the tulle trim before i pleated it all by hand. i made the binding myself and i made the thread loop on the closure. most […]

dr. horrible…


a couple of weeks ago i was doing dishes and listening to terry gross interview joss whedon on npr. i loved buffy the vampire slayer, so naturally i was happy to listen to the interview. i’ve watched both episodes of his new show, dollhouse, and so far i like it. it’s no buffy, but really […]

sowing seeds


in college i took an urban farming class that taught how to garden organically. it was amazing and i have been waiting a long time to finally start putting some of that knowledge to use. initially i planned out a big elaborate garden with two raised beds. after speaking with some friends who have build […]

the target gods smiled on me yesterday. their selection was limited (i got the last four patterned salad plates), but adequate. i am going to keep searching for the tray and some more plates. i resisted the linens. they are really cute, but we recently bought a tablecloth and i have more dishtowels than i […]

i have been on an exercising kick lately. for the last three weeks i have been trying to establish an exercise routine and for the last two of those three weeks i have done pretty well at it. i have been doing two types of exercise; “rowing” on my rowing machine, and doing The Tracy […]



on those sundays when we don’t have any plans or chores we like to have this delicious lunch: the platter can have many different components to it, but the meat, cheese, bread and olives are always there. i usually like to include pear slices or grapes, but the fruit at the store just didn’t look […]