big box stores are frustrating



one of my favorite designers, orla kiely, has a new line of home goods launching at target. in theory it is available today, feb 1st. i first read about it here a couple of weeks ago. expecting there to be lots of people in portland who want these beautiful items i started calling various target stores yesterday to make sure they were carrying the product. not all the stores carry the limited edition lines and i wanted to make sure i was going to the right store the next morning.


i called three stores and no one knew what i was talking about. no one knew who orla kiely was, if they were going to carry her line, or when it might or might not arrive.  why would you send out a press release and then not inform your employees? i am trying to buy their product and they aren’t making it very easy for me.  it is very frustrating. it makes me not want to shop there at all, but then i look at the photos of the product line… sigh. i went to target this morning hoping to find an endcap full of orla but nothing. i guess i’ll be randomly going to different target stores this week until i find the orla goods. what a way to spend my time…


One Response to “big box stores are frustrating”

  1. 1 Vicki

    I’ve been to two Targets this weekend. Both had the end cap of organizational items (boxes, laundry bag, hanging shoe holders), which I am not interested in. Neither had any evidence of the other items. I asked a worker at the second store, and she was clueless, and clearly did not grasp the gravity of the situation. Frustrating, indeed.

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