the saga continues… and an update


my friend anna and i had been planning on going to target together to share in the orla kiely experience. yesterday i  was  complaining about how i couldn’t get any info from target, so naturally she called, asked for housewares, and called me back to say that 1. they knew what she was talking about, and 2. they had it in stock. so i quickly i ate my sandwich, it was lunchtime afterall, and sped on over to her house.

we get there and go to the melamine dish aisle where we see no orla kiely. she flags down an employee who says that while they ‘have the stuff in the store, it hasn’t been set yet,’ which means that it is in boxes still and hasn’t been put out on the floor yet. anna asked why the person she had spoken to an hour previously had told her they had the stuff when they didn’t and he looked at us like we were crazy, repeating that they had it, it just ‘wasn’t set yet.’ ugh. serious communication issues.

we continued to walk around the store as anna had other shopping to do and as we did we came across an endcap of orla stuff. it was storage boxes and shoe organizers, not the items that i specifically wanted, but it was really cute nonetheless. anna got a cute floral box and i at least had hope that the plates would arrive at some point. we found another employee who told us the name of the person responsible for ‘setting’ the orla goods. we will be calling him from now on.

last night i was killing time before Heroes and read that now the official release date for the orla kiely housewares line is actually feb 15! i read it here, who got her information here.

so now the question is, do i wait until the 15th or keep going back with my fingers crossed?


One Response to “the saga continues… and an update”

  1. Believe me, I SHARE YOUR PAIN. Actually, I just recounted my practically identical experience on my blog, including the frustrating conversation with an employee and a frustrating phone call to Housewares. I just have to hope our patience will be rewarded!

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