work out inspiration


i have been on an exercising kick lately. for the last three weeks i have been trying to establish an exercise routine and for the last two of those three weeks i have done pretty well at it. i have been doing two types of exercise; “rowing” on my rowing machine, and doing The Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout dvd.


tracy anderson trains gwyneth paltrow and madonna, so you know she must be doing something right. the dvd workout is a killer. it is 57 minutes long and it is solid exercise. i have learned that i can only do the dvd late in the afternoon. if i do it in the morning i am worthless for the rest of the day. i am hoping that after doing it steadily for a month or so it won’t kill me as much and i’ll be able to do it earlier. i prefer working out in the morning. my goal is to row 30-40 min monday, wednesday, and friday, and to do the dvd on tuesday and thursday. last week i did all of it except for thursday. i was feeling wrecked, plus i might not quite be in good enough shape yet to workout five days a week. we’ll see how this week goes.

this morning i was having a hard time getting motivated. instead of getting up, having some tea while checking my email, and then rowing, i spent waaaay too long reading blogs. so then i was hungry, which meant i had to eat and then wait and then i naturally started thinking that i would not work out today, or that i would just work out later, which usually doesn’t happen. i was reading jezebel and found a link to this gorgeous photo shoot with madonna and that was all the motivation i needed. she is over 50 and looks amazing! i also really love the styling of the shoot.



anyway, i rowed for 30 minutes and am really glad i did it. it’s not nearly as great as being out on the water in a boat, but it is still pretty good. and frankly it is too cold to be on the water right now.


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