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i really love the styling on this mixer. i like the variety of colors that the new ones come in, but i really love the shape of this old model. i have had this mixer for a few years, but haven’t used it much. this model was made from 1950-1962. the beater above is the […]

last saturday morning i was downtown at 8:30 ready to welcome another season of the portland farmers’ market. our csa doesn’t begin until the beginning of june, but at least the market is back to supplement until then. i am out of the habit of shopping there and didn’t get enough veggies for the week. […]



last spring i read Julie and Julia and have wanted to get Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking ever since. i’m certainly not going to make all of the recipes in it, but i know i’ll be dabbling in the sauces section. yesterday we went to goodwill to see if there were any […]

i LOVE this fabric! it has a nice weight and feel to it. the shiny side is so soft and feels really good against your bare shoulders. i really love how the dots catch the light. it is a great contrast against the matte surface of the fabric. you can find it here!



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we had an abundance of spotty brown bananas and now i have banana bread to spare. i think these mini loaf pans are technically my mom’s, but they’ve been in my possession for quite a while now. they make the cutest little loaves of bread! i should really utilize these during the holidays.

last week we were invited to a birthday party that was a dessert potluck. i decided to try something new, which is always risky when baking for others. it turned out perfectly! it was rich and moist and chocolatey. i found two recipes for this cake. i used this one, but this one (scroll down […]