cats in the garden


yesterday i sowed my second batch of seeds. the spinach and chard were put into containers instead of the ground. it’s too much work to get the ground ready. plus it is still quite muddy. the poppies were the easiest to sow. just mix with a cup of soil and sprinkle!


while i was out i brought the cats with me. brain started going outside about a month ago and is fairly comfortable with it. she goes out by herself and is just fine. pinky was wary of the outdoors and ended up hiding under the deck after getting spooked one afternoon. she has turned the corner though and now is more interested in going out than brain! as i type this she is sitting by the back door waiting for someone to let her out.

pinky blending in

pinky blending in

kitty butts on an adventure!

kitty butts on an adventure!

since this is our first year in this house we are discovering all sorts of new plants coming up. none of the bulbs or seeds that i planted have come up yet, but other bulbs have begun sprouting. it is so nice to see everything come to life. the first daffodil is about to bloom!

about to burst!

about to burst!

other than the daffodils we don’t know what the bulbs are that have sprouted. anyone recognize these?

there are a lot of these little guys

there are a lot of these little guys

a bunch of these as well

a bunch of these as well

the previous tenants left behind some pots which i cleaned out to use for the spinach and chard. i discovered some bulbs in them as well. i’m guessing these are tulips?



if you look closely you'll see a tiny spider inside the leaf

i’m crossing my fingers that my transplanted bulbs do well and that my seeds come up. we’ve had some heavy rain that exposed the peas i sowed. i’ve seen birds eating them. oh well. at least they’re going to a good cause. i’m really hopeful that the poppies come up. they are gorgeous. this mix is supposed to be 18-36″ tall! i also really hope that some of these unknown bulbs turn out to be iris. they are one of my favorite flowers.


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  1. 1 re:Bobbie

    The unidentified bulbs are scilla AKA wood hyacynths AKA spanish bluebells… considered by some (including myself) to be invasive and others (such as my mother) to be helpful and lovely volunteer plants that happily grow untended where few things will. Flowers start in mid may and range from white to pink to blue. If you want rid of them, be sure to dig out all of the bulb; Bits of bulb just regrow. Under their leaves are slug hiding places when you are looking for some to snip up (cuz i totally know that’s your thing..)

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