juicing with my vintage kitchenaid mixer



The 3C

model 3C

intructions on the handle

instructions on the handle

i really love the styling on this mixer. i like the variety of colors that the new ones come in, but i really love the shape of this old model. i have had this mixer for a few years, but haven’t used it much. this model was made from 1950-1962. the beater above is the only beater attachment that it came with, no paddle, no dough hook. it’s great for whipping, but not creaming or really even stirring anything like cookie dough. anyway, last weekend i found a box of attachments that went with this mixer and had to try at least one out right away!

the juicer attachment

the juicer attachment

i think my favorite part is the strainer basket. i am not a fan of pulp in my juice, so this is especially nice for me!

in action!

in action!


almost done

the pretty label is enough to make you want to buy it, but it tastes good too!

the pretty label is enough to make you want to buy it, but it tastes good too!

the juice of one grapefruit makes the perfect greyhound when mixed with a little Lovejoy Vodka, made right here in beautiful portland, oregon. i mean, if you’re going to the work of juicing your own fruit, you don’t want to use just any old vodka… i anticipate sipping many fruity cocktails on our deck this summer, thanks to this wonderful juicer attachment.


3 Responses to “juicing with my vintage kitchenaid mixer”

  1. 1 whimsicaljottings

    Looking good, I envy you! 😉

  2. Lovely! I have the same style KitchenAid and I love it too! I always get comments from friends. Finding the attachments isn’t easy though, I have been keeping an eye out on ebay for them but no luck so far. I would love to know where you found yours! Thanks,


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