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february is soup month at thekitchn and after reading a couple of their posts this morning i was inspired to make soup for lunch. actually i’ve been making soup pretty consistently for the last month or so for lunch, but today i decided to try something different. i was planning on making cream of broccoli, […]



well, last night i made Jamie Oliver’s Roasted Carrots and Beets with the Juiciest Pork Chops from Jamie At Home. my favorite part was the roasted veggies. the pork was ok, but not like i thought it would be. instead of posting the whole recipe, i’m only going to talk about the veggies, since they […]

every year i seem to make the same resolution, floss my teeth regularly, only to break it within the first month. it has become my perpetual resolution. this year i’m changing things up a bit. while i haven’t conquored flossing, i have decided to focus on other things, like food! no, this isn’t going to […]



a little sampling of the last few weeks while we were snowbound.

when we looked at this house the landlady assured us that, despite the steep driveway and surrounding streets, we didn’t need to worry about the winter because it never really gets that cold in portland. that was about a month and a half ago. here’s what it has looked like for the past five days: […]

join a csa!


we recently joined the groundwork organics csa (community supported agriculture) program for fall/winter and it has been fantastic! this is what we got in our first box. every saturday we go to their booth at the farmers’ market and pick up a bin of fresh produce. the selection changes each week which makes cooking fun. […]

baked eggs


i had rowing last night and woke up starving this morning. at first i was just going to make something simple like poached eggs on toast, but then i remembered we’re out of bread and i certainly wasn’t going to go to the store before eating. that was just out of the question. we’ve been […]