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catching up


sorry i’ve been m.i.a…. here are some shots of what i’ve been up to for the last month or so: Advertisements



last spring i read Julie and Julia and have wanted to get Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking ever since. i’m certainly not going to make all of the recipes in it, but i know i’ll be dabbling in the sauces section. yesterday we went to goodwill to see if there were any […]



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tea time


yesterday i sowed my second batch of seeds. the spinach and chard were put into containers instead of the ground. it’s too much work to get the ground ready. plus it is still quite muddy. the poppies were the easiest to sow. just mix with a cup of soil and sprinkle! while i was out […]

the capelet


here’s a silk capelet i made last week: it is made with ivory hammered silk. i had a lot of fun making it. i did a narrow rolled hem on the tulle trim before i pleated it all by hand. i made the binding myself and i made the thread loop on the closure. most […]

dr. horrible…


a couple of weeks ago i was doing dishes and listening to terry gross interview joss whedon on npr. i loved buffy the vampire slayer, so naturally i was happy to listen to the interview. i’ve watched both episodes of his new show, dollhouse, and so far i like it. it’s no buffy, but really […]