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one of my favorite people, anna joyce, was featured on housemartin today and i had to share! go here to read the post. congrats anna! Advertisements

i LOVE this fabric! it has a nice weight and feel to it. the shiny side is so soft and feels really good against your bare shoulders. i really love how the dots catch the light. it is a great contrast against the matte surface of the fabric. you can find it here!

the capelet


here’s a silk capelet i made last week: it is made with ivory hammered silk. i had a lot of fun making it. i did a narrow rolled hem on the tulle trim before i pleated it all by hand. i made the binding myself and i made the thread loop on the closure. most […]

for the past year or so i have really been wanting to buy a house. i’m sure it is related to getting married and being in my early thirties and all of that stuff. it also doesn’t help that domino is my favorite magazine. after complaining to my husband that i don’t like our apartment, […]

afternoon snack


i spent this morning sewing and listening to podcasts. the cats like to help me with my sewing. i’m working on making a curtain and the bed is the only surface big enough to lay out the fabric. the kitties thought it was very entertaining. after i had worked up an appetite sewing i decided […]

so far all of my posts have centered around cooking, which isn’t a bad thing, but i don’t necessarily want this to be strictly a cooking blog. i love to cook and enjoy sharing my cooking with others, but there’s more to me than just cooking, which leads us to this post… i have an […]