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one of my favorite people, anna joyce, was featured on housemartin today and i had to share! go here to read the post. congrats anna! Advertisements

i really love the styling on this mixer. i like the variety of colors that the new ones come in, but i really love the shape of this old model. i have had this mixer for a few years, but haven’t used it much. this model was made from 1950-1962. the beater above is the […]

last saturday morning i was downtown at 8:30 ready to welcome another season of the portland farmers’ market. our csa doesn’t begin until the beginning of june, but at least the market is back to supplement until then. i am out of the habit of shopping there and didn’t get enough veggies for the week. […]

i LOVE this fabric! it has a nice weight and feel to it. the shiny side is so soft and feels really good against your bare shoulders. i really love how the dots catch the light. it is a great contrast against the matte surface of the fabric. you can find it here!

the capelet


here’s a silk capelet i made last week: it is made with ivory hammered silk. i had a lot of fun making it. i did a narrow rolled hem on the tulle trim before i pleated it all by hand. i made the binding myself and i made the thread loop on the closure. most […]

the target gods smiled on me yesterday. their selection was limited (i got the last four patterned salad plates), but adequate. i am going to keep searching for the tray and some more plates. i resisted the linens. they are really cute, but we recently bought a tablecloth and i have more dishtowels than i […]